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In the following sections, you can find some advice on improving onefs eyesight; the links may not have been updated, so, in case they do not work, please try to search the net yourself for present web pages containing information about the respective subject.


Please note the disclaimer first.



A. The Technique of William H. Bates


If you would like to improve your eyesight, you may read:


The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses  by William H. Bates,
Society of Metaphysicians Ltd (1998)


Better Eyesight : The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates  by Thomas R. Quackenbush (Editor) , North Atlantic Books, Frog Ltd.


You can try to get it from amazon.co.jp, for example, amazon.de also has got the English versions, and then there is, of course, amazon.com.



B. Then, there is the Tibetan Eye chart:


The Tibetan Eye Chart offers some good possibilities for training your eyes.


1. Tibetan Eye Chart (maybe you should print it out, if you really would like to use it ?)





(I have got another version, I think, but I have not looked for it yet. But I can do it, if you are interested. I have also the description of the complete exercise somewhere in my computer or on paper, I would have to look for it.)

(If you click glinksh there are also some links to the Bates Method, but I did not check them)



2. Eye chart, too


http://www.loose-nut.com/eye_gym.htm (containing short description; download)



3. You will find more by using www.google.com  and searching for


            tibetan eye chart

For further information on healing in general, please see here.




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